Bentley was originally developed between the late 1940s and early 1960s, where new local authority housing was built as part of the post Second World War housing construction boom, when it came within the borders of Darlaston Urban District Council; this now-defunct authority built several hundred homes at the north side of the Walsall to Wolverhampton road. Located around Junction 10 of the M6 Motorway, the suburban area of Bentley lies within the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, England. On its eastern side, Bentley is mainly rural, with a few suburban houses. The village is surrounded by Ashmore Park, Pleck, Darlaston, and Willenhall. For those interested in living in the area, there are a number of schools and colleges in the region.

The most recent development is the Parkwood estate, which was completed in 2007, providing several hundred more local authority homes. Bentley is the home of Walsall Football Club, who play at the Banks’s Stadium. Landmarks The main landmark of the Bentley Estate is Bentley Library, which houses the archives of Darlaston Urban District Council and Wolverhampton Borough Council. Other landmarks on the estate include a church (St Augustine’s Catholic Church), a community center (Bentley Community Centre), a pub (the George and Dragon) and a public house (the Jolly Gardeners). There are also several sports facilities on the estate including a football pitch (Bentley FC), a cricket pavilion (St Augustine’s Sports Centre) and a bowling green (Walsall Cricket Club).

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