Bloxwich is a market town in the West Midlands Metropolitan Borough of Walsall. It is located in the north of the borough, near the Staffordshire/West Midlands border. Despite its small size, the town offers many attractions. With an estimated population of 30,000, Bloxwich is a popular place to visit.

Bloxwich is the second largest town in Walsall, and is home to several famous people. Neville “Noddy” Holder grew up on the Beechdale Estate and later became the lead singer of rock band Slade. Rob Halford, who was born in Bloxwich in 1951, is the lead singer of seminal heavy metal band Judas Priest. Meera Syal was born in Bloxwich in 1961 and is a famous actress. She grew up in the same town as a child, and grew up in Walsall.

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