The Chuckery is a former industrial site in Walsall, West Midlands that is now a mixed-use development. The site is located between the M6 motorway and the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line, just south of the center of Walsall. The area was once dominated by heavy industry, but has been redeveloped as an urban center with residential and commercial uses.

The Chuckery have a new, sprawling business park in the south of Walsall, England. It has been created to provide an international-class setting for companies which want to trade from the UK. The first phase was completed in 2006, and the second phase, a collection of new buildings with a central courtyard, was completed in early 2008. The park includes offices and warehouse space for use by companies that trade from outside of the City’s jurisdiction. It is owned by Persimmon plc. and managed by the Walsall Development Corporation.

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